This site exists to provide an ongoing center for studies into the nature of God’s character. Or, to state another way: the essential motivations of God that issue forth in action. Particularly, we will concern ourselves with the attributes of justice and love and their consequent actions in punishment and grace.

The site issues forth from my personal struggles[1] to resolve and understand the biblical teachings on God’s character, particularly as it relates to saving grace and postmortem punishment (hell).

I hope, through this site, to provide an objective and unbiased[2] evaluation of the evidence relating to these topics and to advance a correct understanding of God’s character insofar as it is possible for the human mind to comprehend.

  1. [1]This struggle is not academic or theoretical, but intensely personal. My greatest crisis in faith came as a result of approaching this subject. My heart aches.
  2. [2]As far as is humanly possible.