The One Question…

When it comes down to it, there is only one question to which I must know the answer, “Do you love me?” This question is important in our human relationships (husband and wife, parent and child, friends) – but here I am reflecting upon the Divine / human relationship. If God loves me, then everything else will be okay. If God loves me, then whether I spend eternity with Him or damned apart from Him, I know that He is always acting in my best interest.

Granted, I am presupposing some things – for example, the sovereignty and omniscience of God…but these seem intuitive. So, the question remains, “Do you love me?” The answer must be made in terms which align with the normal definition of love – and cannot arc into the darkness of philosophical speculation. “Do you love me in a way similar to a good parent? A doting wife? A loyal friend?”

I know it may seem illogical to need only to know that you are loved when facing the prospect of eternal damnation. What of the torments? What of the suffering? But if we know we are loved can we not broach anything? Will we not allow those we trust without wavering our very selves in anguish and torment for all time? Does not our discontinuance in love only demonstrate that we no longer know the answer to the question, “Do you love me?”

I believe that God does love me and you. You without exception. I am not afraid to declare that Christ died for you, personally…and that Christ is passionately pursuing you individually, relentlessly…and that God’s love for you will never cease – in this lifetime or the next. In the end, I believe no matter our suffering, no matter our hardship, and no matter our post-mortem bliss or damnation – that God loves us.

The one question that this site attempts to fathom through various roads is the question of “Does God love me?” I say yes, though I cannot explain it. I cannot explain how a sovereign God who has power to redeem all and desires to do so, does no do so…yet I deny with all my heart the idea that God does not love all in like manner. I will sit in discomfiture all my life with this unsolvable paradox rather than place limitations upon either the love or the sovereignty of God…and I will at the same time acknowledge that God is perfectly just and loving, even if He decides to condemn me to hell eternally – for I recognize the justice of his sentence. I am not as I should be and am helpless to become who I would be, but for the grace of God.

How about that for an unsatisfactory answer? Yes, yes, I speak words but I bring no closure to the subject. The more I live the more I become convinced that while we should always strive to find resolution to paradoxes we must also be willing to leave a paradox in existence until (if) such a resolution becomes available.

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